The 精东传媒 Field Gate

Visiting or Connecting with Mount Holyoke

Enter through our Gates and you鈥檒l quickly understand why Mount Holyoke鈥檚 700-acre campus is consistently named one of the nation鈥檚 most beautiful. From elegant buildings to inspiring scenery, it鈥檚 a place designed to bring people together and spark curiosity. But it鈥檚 our close-knit community, fun and inclusive traditions and welcoming atmosphere that really explain why our campus is so full of life 鈥 and more than a few friendly faces.

Located in one of New England鈥檚 most vibrant and picturesque regions, Mount Holyoke is within easy reach of three other prominent colleges and a flagship research university. Together we form the Five College Consortium 鈥 providing a great way to forge academic and social connections within our Gates and out in our community.