Latinx Studies


The Latinx Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the history, culture, and experiences of Latinx in the United States.

Program Overview

With a presence in the Americas spanning seven centuries, Latinx are the largest "minority" in the U.S. and reflect a cultural complexity that includes mode of incorporation to the U.S., cultural productions, political agency, and heterogeneous racial, gender, sexual, class backgrounds and citizenship statuses.

Our curriculum includes modes of incorporation to the US, citizenship statuses, cultural productions, political agency, and examinations of heterogeneous racial, gender, social, sexual, and class backgrounds. Latinx Studies looks at current issues that affect our communities, including educational equity, social problems, social movements, crime and justice, community organizing and transculturation. Courses in Latinx Studies place a premium on critical thinking and comparative analyses, as well as historical and contemporary engagement with society.

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Courses and Requirements

Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of 20 credits:

CRPE-180Introduction to Latinx Studies: Structural Inequalities4
At least one course at the 300 level from the approved course list for Latinx Studies4
Three other courses at the 200 or 300 level from the approved course list for Latinx Studies12
Total Credits20

Additional Specifications

  • At least one course must include a Community-Based Learning component.  
  • With department faculty approval, students may substitute Latinx Studies offered across the Five Colleges.
  • Four independent study credits (CRPE-295 or 395 or, before fall 2023, LATST-295 or 395) may be included in the minor.
  • Courses in a student鈥檚 major may not be used to fulfill the minimum requirements of the minor.

Courses Meeting Requirements for the Latinx Studies Minor

Critical Race & Political Econ
CRPE-180Introduction to Latinx Studies: Structural Inequalities4
CRPE-228Visualizing Immigrant Narratives: Migration in Film4
CRPE-239Latina/o/x Urbanism4
CRPE-240BRIntermediate Topics: 'Borderlands Film and Literature'4
CRPE-240FDIntermediate Topics: 'U.S. Latinx Foodways'4
CRPE-254Nueva York4
CRPE-261Race, Racism, and Power4
CRPE-323Latina Feminism(s)4
CRPE-340CHAdvanced Topics: 'Latinx Cultural History'4
CRPE-352Latina/o/x Studies in Action4
CRPE-356Latinas/os/x and Housing: Mi Casa Is Not Su Casa4
CRPE-364Critical Refugee Studies4
CRPE-366Disposable People: A History of Deportation4
CRPE-374Latina/o Immigration4

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The Department of Spanish, Latinx, Latin American Studies helps students understand the past, current state, and emerging realities of the cultures of Latin America, Spain, the Caribbean, and the Latina/o heritage populations within the United States.

Cara Lapenas
  • Academic Department Coordinator

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