Joint B.A./M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering


Complete a BA in chemistry or physics and an MA Materials Science and Engineering in five years, instead of the usual six years.

Program Overview

Participating Mount Holyoke students can get an accelerated masters in  alongside their BA in chemistry or physics at 精东传媒. 

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The Engineering Committee advises students who wish to earn both a bachelor of arts degree from Mount Holyoke and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from one of our partner schools within a period of five years.

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Mount Holyoke seeks intellectually curious applicants who understand the value of a liberal arts education and are driven by a love of learning. As a women's college that is gender diverse, we welcome applications from female, trans and non-binary students.

Financing your education

Everyone鈥檚 financial situation is unique, and we鈥檙e here to make sure cost does not get in the way of an exceptional education.